RM-05 is an anti-microbial masterbatch derived from botanical extracts which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus and algae in rotationally molded polyethylene parts. This material is FDA listed and GRAS approved. This masterbatch is both very effective and presents a lower health risk relative to the current dominate technology in the marketplace utilizing Triclosan.

CA-80PE is an 80% CaCO3 filled masterbatch with an additional thermal stabilizer to maintain physical integrity of the film throughout the manufacturing process.

Ameriplas CR-0218 is a masterbatch that allows PE/PP blends to become homogenized without delamination issues. CR-0218 can be used for post-consumer PE/PP resins, coupling wood, minerals or glass or dispersion of colors. CR-0218 can also be utilized to reduce cycle times in injection molding applications and typically allows lower production temperatures lowering cooling time required to solidify the part. CR-0218 is also an extremely effective cycle time reducer in injection molding applications.

RTM-20X is a 20% loaded peroxide in a low melt polyethylene. RTM-20X is a highly loaded cost effective organic peroxide with superior performance. Utilizing a new technology developed by Ameriplas that allows more active peroxide to be manufactured without degradation during the manufacturing stage which allows processors to lower the amount of master batch needed for cross-linking. Suggestive additions vary 0.5% - 3% depending on molecular weight of resin and process temperatures.

CR-817 enhances flow by breaking frictional cohesion of the polymer and allows the reduction of processing temperature by as much as 50 °F to 100 °F resulting in better stability and fill capabilities. With reduction of temperature, cycle time is lowered by reducing the cooling time needed; this reduction in processing and melt temperatures results in less polymer degradation, better color, lower cycle time and higher output. Increases productivity unlike slip additives or waxes that only lubricate the barrel.

Ameriplas OT-872 is a highly loaded antiblock and slip masterbatch for Polyethylene films containing 72% Talc and 8% Oleamide which is 60% more than standard 45% talc and 5% Oleamide blends. OT-872 allows lower let-down of a higher concentrated material saving you on reduced freight costs, less material to store and is priced equal to or lower than lesser loaded competitors in the marketplace.

FR-41B is a highly loaded halogenated masterbatch in a LDPE carrier utilized to improve flame retardancy in olefins and passes several flammability requirements.

10% to 25% addition rates have been shown in testing to be most effective, but individual process will vary.

FR-41NH is a non-halogenated, bromine free flame retardant for olefins which is RoHS/Reach compliant.

This masterbatch passes several flammability requirements with a typical blend rate of 15% to 30%.

SA-11 a multi-faceted, 100% active (powder or pellet) internal lubricant processing aid with anti-static properties. SA-11 eliminates the need for an external mold release agent improving resin flow and coefficient of friction and dispersion of additives into resin. SA-11 FDA compliant, GRAS approved and meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 2.1., EU 2002/72/EC1.

PurgePro 100 contains several unique and proprietary additives that are crucial in the purging process of polyolefin and higher temperature engineered resins. PurgePro 100 was created to be the least cost prohibitive higher temperature purge compound on the market today. PurgePro 100 can be used directly without any mixing necessary to clean most plastic equipment during color, and resin changes. The unique additives in PurgePro 100, makes it possible to purge resins like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, polystyrene, nylons as well as PEEK, PPS, and Ultem in less time in most resin applications.

Ameriplas offers two loadings of a UV inhibitor combined with an anti-oxidant to lengthen the life of outdoor blown film applications such as agricultural films, outdoor pallet wrapping and greenhouse applications.

UVAO6-HALS / AO masterbatch

Ameriplas UVAO6 is a UV and antioxidant master batch for Polyethylene films containing 6% HALS and a combination of primary/ secondary antioxidants.

UVAO6-HALS / AO masterbatch

Ameriplas UVAO12 is a UV and antioxidant master batch for Polyethylene films containing 12% HALS and a combination of primary/ secondary antioxidants.

WM-75PE is a 75% TiO2 filled masterbatch with an additional thermal stabilizer to maintain physical integrity of the film throughout the manufacturing process.